Technical specifications of the receiver

  • Total 14 channels, 10 of them switchable:                                                                                                        Additionale to the 4 proportional channels at those it's possible to connect servos and speed Controllers you are able to connect up to 8 another switchable channels which are controllable with the remote control and another 2 channels for the light functions.
  • 4 switchable channels designed as indicators and breaking light as well as reversing light:                                2 of the switchable channels are the indicators left and right and can be activated by the function switches left and right on the remote control as well as the indicator lever on the steering wheel. 2 another channels are for controlling the breaking and reverse light. The trigger thresholds are adjustable for this on the receiver.
  • Intelligent light mode:                                                                                                                                   The intelligent light mode controls automatically the braking light while braking and the reversing light if the model drives in reverse. For this, the used speed controller and the thresholds need to be adjusted correctly.
  • Integrated voltage and temperature sensors:                                                                                             The receiver has 2 integrated sensor inputs at those you need only to connect the "cables" to measure voltage and the temperature sensor itself.
  • Telemetry, 6 sensors connectable:                                                                                                             It's able to connect instead of respective in addition to the integrated sensors up to 6 another sensors for a transmission of data in real time to the remote control.
  • Plug&Play of onboard camera und microphone:                                                                                                 The onboard camera as well as the servo of the camera holder and the microphone capsules are easy to plug in on the receiver without soldering or without doing some adjustments.
  • Amplification of each channel adjustable:                                                                                                   Every proportional channel is adjustable independently from each other.  You are able to set the positive and the negative area to compensate unbalanced mechanic for example.
  • Failsafe function:                                                                                                                                                Furthermore it's possible to activate the failsafe function on each proportional channel to reach a specified position if the transmission signal is lost.
  • Emergency stop:                                                                                                                                               If the emergency stop is activated, the receivers shout down automatically if the battery is empty.
          Operating voltage: 6V - 20V, depending on the used battery
          Frequencies: 2,4Ghz to receive the control signals, 5,8Ghz to transmit the video and audio signals
          Max. transmission power: 15dBm at 2,4Ghz telemetry, 14dBm at 5,8Ghz
          Range (open area): About. 1000m for the 2,4Ghz control signal, about. 200m for the 5,8Ghz A/V signal 
          Length: 101mm without antenna connection and cable
          Width: 55mm
          Height: 30mm without switches, 32mm with switches
          Weight: 110g